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Week Ending 22 April 2016 

Handy Joinery Terminology 

For anyone new to ordering bespoke joinery here’s some handy joinery terminology: 
The frame is the outer shell of the window, if you are ordering a window it is measured over all the frame size. 
A casement is a hinged sash that swings, these can be either side hung or top hung. 
Any horizontal bar that splits the window. 
Any vertical bar that splits the window. 
The vertical portion of the frame. The jambs bear the weight of the casements 
Small timber section used to secure the glass in place (along with glazing tape). 
Drip mould 
Small bevelled profile projecting from the head of the frame designed to enahnce protection from rainwater 
Projecting cill 
A projecting cill is a bevelled profile projecting from the base of the frame. 
Week Ending 15 April 2016 

New Spray Booth in the Pipeline 

Exterior products should be coated to give complete weather protection to the wood. We have a designated spray booth for this and in 2016 we received planning permission to develop another area on site to create another spray booth to meet customer demand. We use Teknos paint, as well as other quality paint manufacturers. 
Week Ending 8 April 2016 

New Build Joinery 

This week we have been fulfilling work for one new build project in East Grinstead. We do all the joinery work for this local builder, and in this instance they wanted traditional sash windows. Made by the experienced hand of Andy and glazed by Darren.